Christophe Coppens is a Belgian director, designer and visual artist.  He designs sets and costumes for all his productions, making an acclaimed debut as an opera director in 2017, directing FOXIE! at La Monnaie / De Munt. Prior to his return to directing, Christophe gathered a suitcase full of experiences from his prolific work in other fields - experiences that now colour his approach to his work as a director. He initially studied drama and theatre direction, then - quite by chance - developed a global career in fashion, design and art.
Marnick Smessaert –founder of Dark- has great respect for Christophe Coppens and is delighted with the collaboration on the ‘Dark– Art Collection’. The ‘Chubby Christophe Coppens’ is the first piece of art in a limited collection in which various artists, musicians, fashion designers… will contribute.
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