For tens of thousands of years, mankind relied on the power and energy of the open fire for protection, warmth and food preparation. Even more, people gathered around this fire to socialize, tell their stories or just to gaze at the dancing flames and dream of things to come.

Mankind evolved and took giant leaps. Fire was abandoned and replaced by more sophisticated means of protection and warmth. The gathering place of choice was the living room. The art of story telling was taken to new levels with the invention of television and staring at the moving images became the favorite pastime of generations. But something was missing.

No matter how many channels there where on, TV could not give us what we were looking for. Something drew us back to that fire, to the time when we gathered in the outdoor, told stories and stared into the fire. Not even the invention of the Fireplace DVD could replace this loss. It was time to go back to the roots.

Let’s all go back outside again, put on that fire, enjoy real life with a cool beer and a steak on the grill and look at the flames, rather than watching that mind-numbing TV-show! To ease the pain and avoid going cold turkey from our beloved TV-set, das ding came up with this rather awkward device...

Burn your TV!

Fire Basket / BBQ / Primal TV